Public health and health care

Gateway to information about public health and health care

Volksgezondheidenzorg.info (public health and health care) is the gateway to information about health and disease, risk factors, care and prevention in the Netherlands. This website answers questions like:

  • Do the Dutch feel healthy or not?
  • How many persons in the Netherlands suffer from diabetes mellitus?
  • What are the consequences of diseases in daily life?
  • Are Dutch smoke-cessation programs effective?
  • What is the quality of care in the Netherlands?
  • And what does it cost?
  • How is the Dutch situation compared to other countries?

Whether quantitatively or analytically, Volksgezondheidenzorg.info provides an enormous amount of information about health and health care. A lot of effort is put in updating and filling the site with scientifically based information.

For whom is Volksgezondheidenzorg.info meant?

Volksgezondheidenzorg.info is meant for Dutch professionals who are active in the field of public health, such as policy makers at the ministry of health, regional and local authorities, municipalities, health care providers, patients, consumer organisations, insurers, researchers and health educators.

Who makes the website?

Volksgezondheidenzorg.info is developed and co-ordinated at the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Nation-wide, experts, research-institutes and universities have been involved in contributing to the website on their field of expertise. The ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (In Dutch: VWS) has commissioned the website.

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