ECHI indicatorsHealth status

ECHI indicators

Below you find the full shortlist of the ECHI indicators and their status, i.e. whether they are in the shortlist Implementation section, Work-in-progress section or Development section.

Demographic and socioeconomic

ECHI shortlist section

1. Population by sex/age Implementation
2. Birth rate, crude Implementation
3. Mother’s age distribution Implementation
4. Total fertility rate Implementation
5. Population projections Implementation
6. Population by education Implementation
7. Population by occupation Implementation
8. Total unemployment Implementation
9. Population below poverty line and income inequality Implementation
Health status ECHI shortlist section
10. Life expectancy Implementation
11. Infant mortality Implementation
12. Perinatal mortality Implementation
13. Disease-specific mortality; Eurostat, 86 causes Implementation
14. Drug-related deaths Implementation

15. Smoking-attributable deaths

16. Alcohol-related deaths Work-in-progress
17. Excess mortality by extreme temperatures (formerly 'by heat waves') Development
18. Selected communicable diseases Implementation
19. HIV/AIDS Implementation
20. Cancer incidence Implementation
21. (A) Diabetes, self-reported prevalence Implementation
21. (B) Diabetes, register-based prevalence Work-in-progress
22. Dementia


23. (A) Depression, self-reported prevalence Implementation
23. (B) Depression, register-based prevalence Work-in-progress
24. Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) Work-in-progress
25. Stroke Work-in-progress
26. (A) Asthma , self-reported prevalence Implementation
26. (B) Asthma, register-based prevalence Work-in-progress
27. (A) COPD , self-reported prevalence Implementation
27. (B) COPD, register-based prevalence Work-in-progress
28. (Low) birth weight Implementation
29. (A) Injuries: home/leisure, violence, self-reported incidence Implementation
29. (B) Injuries: home/leisure, violence, register-based incidence Implementation
30. (A) Injuries: road traffic, self-reported incidence Implementation
30. (B) Injuries: road traffic, register-based incidence Implementation
31. Injuries: workplace Implementation
32. Suicide attempt Development
33. Self-perceived health Implementation
34. Self-reported chronic morbidity Implementation
35. Long-term activity limitations Implementation
36. Physical and sensory functional limitations Implementation
37. General musculoskeletal pain Development
38. Psychological distress Development
39. Psychological well-being Development
40. Health expectancy: Healthy Life Years (HLY) Implementation
41. Health expectancy, others Implementation
Health determinants ECHI shortlist section
42. Body mass index Implementation
43. Blood pressure Implementation
44. Regular smokers Implementation
45. Pregnant women smoking Work-in-progress
46. Total alcohol consumption Implementation
47. Hazardous alcohol consumption Implementation
48. Use of illicit drugs Implementation
49. Consumption of fruit Implementation
50. Consumption of vegetables Implementation
51. Breastfeeding Work-in-progress
52. Physical activity Implementation
53. Work-related health risks Implementation
54. Social support Implementation
55. PM10 (particulate matter) exposure Implementation
Health interventions: health services ECHI shortlist section
56. Vaccination coverage in children Implementation
57. Influenza vaccination rate in elderly Implementation
58. Breast cancer screening Implementation
59. Cervical cancer screening Implementation
60. Colon cancer screening Implementation
61. Timing of first antenatal visits among pregnant women Work-in-progress
62. Hospital beds Implementation
63. Practising physicians Implementation
64. Practising nurses Implementation
65. Mobility of professionals Development
66. Medical technologies: MRI units and CT scans Implementation
67. Hospital in-patient discharges, limited diagnoses Implementation
68. Hospital daycases, limited diagnoses Implementation
69. Hospital day-cases as percentage of total patient population Implementation
70. Average length of stay (ALOS), limited diagnoses Implementation
71. General practitioner (GP) utilisation Development
72. Selected outpatient visits Development
73. Surgeries: PTCA, hip, cataract Implementation
74. Medicine use, selected groups Implementation
75. Patient mobility Work-in-progress
76. Insurance coverage Implementation
77. Expenditures on health Implementation
78. Survival rates cancer Implementation
79. 30-day in-hospital case-fatality AMI and stroke Implementation
80. Equity of access to health care services Implementation
81. Waiting times for elective surgeries Development
82. Surgical wound infections Development
83. Cancer treatment delay Development
84. Diabetes control Development
Health interventions: health promotion ECHI shortlist section
85. Policies on ETS exposure (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) Implementation
86. Policies on healthy nutrition Development
87. Policies and practices on healthy lifestyles Development
88. Integrated programmes in settings, including workplace, schools, hospital Development